Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RA appeal elements

Okay, so time to recap because I'm tired of the learning part and want to get on with the doing part. Appeal elements are a way to talk about Readers' Advisory, a way to describe a book. The links below go back to my original discussion of each element. I haven't talked about Setting yet, as it is only important in RA if it is a major part of the book (like how people say things like "In book X, 1960s New Orleans is so vivid it's like a character"). I'll be sure to point it out if I read a book with a strong setting.

So, on to the doing part of RA, which, since I can't accost library patrons to do a book talk, will consist of RAviews, my own term for an annotation about the appeal of a book. In studying Readers' Advisory, one should not only keep a list a books one has read and is reading but also record one's impressions of the books to aid memory, get one used to thinking about books in RA terms, and for future use. Here (and on Goodreads) is where I plan to keep my reading log. RA annotations and interviews are supposed to be judgement free, but reviews express opinions on the quality of the book. The mashup word I invented is basically an easy way out to give me leeway to combine Readers' Advisory with my critical opinions, although I don't intend to be as critical as I would in a review. We'll see what happens with them. Teaser: the next RAview I'm going to post will be on The Hunger Games, which I just finished and loved!

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