Monday, December 21, 2009

Thrillers 101

I haven't read any thrillers--it's one of the most popular fiction genres, but it never seemed like these were books for me. But, since becoming an adult, I've started enjoying Law & Order, mystery books, and some thrillers on film, at the same time that I started reading more pop fiction, so I figured it is past time to give them a go.

Also, in my efforts to understand appeal, I think it is smarter to focus on a genre rather than jumping around as I've been doing. I was going to try to make up a Thriller 101 list, but I also found the Thriller & Suspense Challenge 2010 for some communal motivation. It requires reading 12 thrillers in 2010. Here are the sources I've compiled to get book suggestions for where to start.
Seems like Lisa Gardner's The Neighbor and Michael Connelly's The Scarecrow are on almost all these lists.


  1. Hi Anna, welcome to the Thriller & Suspense challenge. I hope this challenge motivates you to read more in this genre as there are some real gems. Have fun and good luck :)

  2. Also just found this list of Publishers Weekly's best of 2009 Crime/Thriller/Suspense

    The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly
    Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
    Ravens by George Dawes Green
    Nemesis by Jo Nesbø
    Drood by Dan Simmons


  3. Another list. Food in crime fiction from the Williamsburg Regional Library blog: